Oil Spill Response
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Established in 2003, Elemental Services & Consulting, Inc. (ESCO) provides oil spill consulting services to clients nationally and internationally. Our services include:
  • Oil Spill Consulting - "Boots on the Ground" perspective
  • Tactical Response Plans / Geographic Response Plans
  • Permanent Anchor Systems
  • Contractor Audits - Ask about our "OSRO Series" of Presentations covering, READINESS, EQUIPMENT & TRAINING and RESPONSE & RESTORATION TACTICS
  • Training and Education
  • Oil Spill Job Aids - Booming, Damming, Vectoring, Recovery, Anchoring
  • Conference and Meeting Presentations
The Three-legged Stool of Education, Training and Experience
  • Training is not experience.
  • Experience is not competence.
  • Effective response and recovery requires BOTH.
  • At the intersection of training and experience is a safe, effective and efficient response and recovery project.
  • Our response methods bring science into spill response and spill response into the 21st century.
EDUCATION is gaining knowledge and TRAINING is gaining a skill.
Here are just a few innovations that ESCO has developed to help bring spill response into the 21st century

Oil Spill Response
  • Published Oil Spill Job Aids which bring math and science to spill planning and response
  • Developed multiple alternative anchor systems for booming operations
  • Developed alternative, adjustable anchoring method for various booming techniques
  • Introduced alternative equipment from other disciplines into spill response, improving the speed, effectiveness and safety of response operations
  • Adapted booming adjustment method to ensure proper boom alignment, angle and effectiveness
  • Introduced color coding rope for faster response, line deployment, ferry line, etc.
  • Much more
Select Presentations
  • Various locations and groups, 2010 - present, "Improving Oil Spill Response"
  • Chemical Emergency Preparedness Advisory Council (CEPAC) Franklin County (Ohio) LEPC, April 20, 2011, "The Insanity of Spill Planning, Prevention and Response," "Geographic Response Plans - Low Risk, High Return" and "Responsibility and Accountability"
  • U.S. EPA Region 5 Annual OSC Training, Angola, Indiana, March 16, 2011, "Oil Spill Booming"
  • Ohio Environmental Health Association (Southwest District), Dayton, Ohio, October 7, 2010, "Oil Spill Response in Private Septic Systems"
  • Ohio Environmental Health Association (Southwest District), Dayton, Ohio, October 7, 2010, "Decreasing Response Times and Cleanup Costs Through Geographic Response Plans"
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